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Annabelle: Creation (2017) Download in Hindi 480p || 720p || 1080p (300MB)


    Its 1943 and Annabelle “Bee” daughter of Samuel Mullins, who is a doll maker, and his wife Esther gets killed in a car accident. Twelve years later Mullins adopts six girl orphans along with Sister Charlotte. Mullins warns the girls to not to enter Bee’s bedroom and Janice amongst one of them, crippled by polio, opens Bee’s closet, where she finds a porcelain doll. This releases a demon terrorizing girls.

    So the demon terrorizes Janice seeking her soul. She is attacked by the demon witnessing several injuries confining her to a wheelchair. Later she gets possessed by the demon. Linda, a close friend of Janice, is another girl who is tormented by the demon and notices behavioural changes in Janice and confronts to Samuel about Janice founding the dolls in the closet. Janice kills Samuel after this revelation. Linda later gets into another confrontation with the demon. She survives as Sister Charlotte saved her. Sister talks about this with Esther. She gets to know about how after Bee’s death they accidentally confined a demon into a doll while seeking help from an entity to see their daughter again as that entity turned out to be a demon.

    Janice, possessed, kills Esther and injures Charlotte. Janice and the doll hide in Bee`s closet.  Police search the house and escort Linda, Janice, and orphans. Still possessed, Janice relocates to Santa Monica in an orphanage and reveals her name as Annabelle. Twelve years later Janice kills Higgins family, who adopted her and the Demon Nun, Valak appears in halls of Carta Monastery in Romania.


    Annabelle Creation (2017) {Hindi-English}
    Annabelle Creation (2017) {Hindi-English}

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