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Download Baaghi 2016 Hindi Full Movie In 720p DVDRiP Direct Link

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    5.2/10 IMDb
    82% liked this film

    Description: Ronny, a rebellious man, falls in love with Sia but circumstances separate them. Years later, Ronny learns that Sia is abducted by the martial arts champion Raghav.
    Release date: 29 April 2016 (India)
    Director: Sabbir Khan
    Film series: Baaghi
    Budget: 37 crores INR

    Baaghi movie earlier titled as Heer And Ranjha, is a musical romantic love story.

    Inspired by Salman Khan – Nagma starrer of the 90s, the producer Sajid Nadiadwala stated that the concept of the Tiger Shroff starrer has the young actor playing the role of a rebel who can fight for love. Hence, the title!

    Story in detail:

    Tiger Shroff (Ronny) is a rebel, and his ailing father worries about his future and sends him to Kerala, to be disciplined and learn the art of Kalariypayattu (Martial Arts). The film is about two people (Tiger Shroff & Shraddha Kapoor) who meet during a train journey, and immediately fall in love with each other during the rain. 

    The rain, plays an important part in the film as Tiger Shroff, keeps bumping into Shraddha Kapoor coincidentally every time it rains, and in the process make their love much stronger. At the same time, Shraddha Kapoor also manages to catch the eyes of, Sudheer Babu, and he falls in love with her. 

    Sudheer Babu, is a typical gangster who doesn’t take no for an answer. Sudheer decides to marry Shraddha Kapoor at any cost. Tiger Shroff & Shraddha Kapoor, have a lot of romantic scenes and make their love stronger than ever. The duo, look extremely sweet and are a match made in heaven. 

    Tiger cannot live a day without Shraddha, and Shraddha is head over heels in love with Tiger. Shraddha Kapoor’s father, is a man who loves money more than anything else, and is capable of going to any extreme, in gaining it. 

    Taking advantage of the situation, Sudheer Babu, approaches Shraddha Kapoor’s father and asks for his daughter’s hand. When Shraddha Kapoor rejects Sudheer Babu’s offer, Sudheer kidnaps Shraddha, and keeps her hostage in Bangkok in a multi-storeyed building, filled with professional fighters from all around the world deployed on each floor. 

    Things take an ugly turn after that, and Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor, fight tooth and nail, to be with each other. The action packed scenes are of a whole new level altogether. 

    Will Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor manage to keep their love alive? Or will the evil Sudheer Babu and Shraddha Kapoor’s father manage to make Shraddha fall in love and marry Sudheer?

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