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Download Fever (2016) Full Movie in 720p Direct Link

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4.9/10 · IMDb
81% liked this film
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DescriptionA contract killer wakes up in a hospital only remembering that he is a man from Paris. As he begins getting visions of a woman’s murder, he meets Kavya, who helps him piece his life back together.
Release date: 5 August 2016 (India)
Director: Rajeev Jhaveri
Music director: Neha Kakkar, Tanishk Bagchi, Ranjit Barot
Producers: Ravi Agrawal, Mahesh Balekundri

Fever is about a contract killer who loses his memory in an accident. After which he wakes up knowing only his name and the company of a woman who wants to help this person to regain his identity.

A man (Rajeev Khandelwal) wakes up in the hospital with sketchy memory of his past life. All he knows is that his name is Armin and he is from Paris. And then, he starts getting visions of a murdered woman. As he tries to put together pieces of this jigsaw puzzle, he meets Kavya (Gauahar Khan), who becomes his confidante. Soon, another murder happens. Is someone trying to frame Armin?

The story begins with a man named Armin (Rajeev Khandelwal) who wakes up in the hospital with the typical memory loss scene. He does not remember anything from his past life except his name and that he is from Paris. Slowly and steadily he starts getting a blurred vision of a murdered woman. He keeps seeing these visions and sees a total of 3 murder visions. He gets restless and tries to find his own identity. Armin meets Kavya (Gauahar Khan) who becomes his close friend and soon a murder takes place for real. Is someone trying to frame Armin? Is Kavya the mastermind the murders? Or is it someone else?

Rajeev Khandelwal, gave a spectacular performance, whereas Gauhar Khan played the role of Kavya and Pooja and did a great job, but somewhere or the other the storyline did not do justice with the actors. We can just say that both did justice to their respective characters. Rajeev and Gauhar’s hot chemistry is the best that Rajeev Jhaveri could give to the audiences.

There were too many kissing scenes which felt forced and unnatural in the movie. Also, the plot did not demand it and they felt like they were there just because the director could think of nothing else to put in their place. Talking about the ‘love’ in this thriller movie, Rajeev and Gauhar depicted a perfect bond of love and had a unique love story.

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