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Download Ishq Click 2016 Full Movie in Hindi 720p WEB-HD

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    A movie of a girl from Mumbai; Sophie Dias (Sara Loren), who struggles too hard to become a top Super Model and during her struggle she meets a photographer; Aditya Vardhan (Adhyayan Suman), who helps her throughout her efforts and also falls in love with her.

    He invites her to come down to Mumbai to pursue a career in modelling. Mumbai changes her life – on one hand she is a rising star in the glamour industry and on the other she falls in love with Aditya. But when he leaves her to marry another girl, she is shattered.

    This film starts off as a romantic drama but by the climax, it is too convoluted to get you to even care for its characters. A budding photographer and his muse have a stormy love affair. She is smitten by him, dreams to marry him and hopes for a blissful life together. He wants to be an undefeated achiever who wants to win, by hook or my crook. Marriage, for him, is the passport to a better life.

    Director Anil Ballani’s concept has promise. His hero is not the quintessential good, idealistic, loving man. He has grave daddy-issues. Being an opportunist is ingrained in his psyche. But Adhyayan fails to deliver an adequately nuanced performance. He could have given Adi some heft and depth, but instead he keeps makes him dull. His grim expression seldom changes, but he does manage to wear his arrogance with a striking nonchalance. His brooding personality gets too tedious. Sara Loren lacks the innocence that should’ve been the pre-requisite of her character. The leads have no chemistry at all, which is why you never feel invested in their love story.

    In the second half, there is a needless legal battle which will wear your patience thin. The charges under which Adi is framed is plain lame. He is ostracized, professionally and personally. His pitiable state does make you feel sorry for him but he never evokes sympathy.

    Neither emotional, nor impactful, Ishq Click is a futile watch. Feel free to waste your hours if you deem right.

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