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Download Kesari (2019) Full movie in 720p

As Akshay Kumar-starrer Kesari prepares to hit the screens, here’s a glance back at the outlandish courage of 21 Indian men

They call the Battle of Saragarhi one of the best last stands in military history: 21 Sikh officers held post against more than 10,000 rampaging tribesmen for more than six hours. About 120 years after it occurred, the tale of the clash of Saragarhi is at last going out to the world. After the Netflix arrangement 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897, the story will be retold through Kesari, the film in which Akshay Kumar plays Havildar Ishar Singh. Till you get to the arrangement or the film, here’s a recap of what truly went down on that day in 1897

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