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Download Mirzya 2016 Hindi Full Movie in 1080p BRRiP

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Based on two different generations Mirzya replicates the story of two lovebirds who were never meant to be together. Monish a.k.a. Adil (Harshvardhan Kapoor) is a horse groomsman who reconnects with his childhood friend Suchitra (Saiyami Kher), a soon to be princess.

Mohnish and Suchitra are classmates at Gowardhan High School in Jodhpur. They are inseparable. Mohnish carries Suchi’s school bag for her every day to school and she, in turn, covers up for him in school. He even takes on bicycle rides up and down the forts of Jodhpur. One day Mohnish uses Suchitra’s notebook because he has not done his own homework. When the Master realises that Suchi has not done her homework, he canes her. Mohnish cannot bear the sight of his classmate getting caned. He cares so deeply for Suchi that the sight of her bruised palms makes him wince. The same night, Mohnish sneaks into Suchi’s home and steals her father, Art Malik’s(a Policeman) gun. Next day he shoots the school teacher who caned Suchi before others get to school.The boy is sent to a juvenile correction facility. When he is inside, Suchitra’s father sends her away to London for higher studies. After a short stay at the correction home, Mohnish escapes.

Years later, Suchitra returns to India and is now on the verge of getting engaged to Prince Karan(Anuj). Her father is happy with her new relationship. Suchitra wants to learn to ride. When Karan introduces her to his horses, including a white steed called Safedi, he also instructs the stable hand Aadil to teach her riding. Suchitra gets a feeling of deja vu when she is around Aadil. She asks him if he ever went to Jodhpur. He denies it. But Suchitra doesn’t give up. When the words Gowardhan School accidentally slip out of his mouth, Suchi realises that Aadil is her childhood friend, Mohnish, who she affectionately called Mohnisha. The two of them kiss and canoodle. After that these two are inseparable.

Suchi tells Aadil to go and confess to her father that he is ready to surrender and seek due punishment for the murder he committed in his childhood. However just a few days after this, on Guru Purnima day, when Karan, Aadil and Suchi go on a hunt, there is an accident. A lion attacks Suchi. Karan tries to save her but ultimately it is Aadil who saves her and Karan. When Karan recovers, Aadil tries to tell Suchi’s father that he is the boy who committed the crime in Jodhpur, Suchi’s father is unforgiving. Aadil says he wants to make amends for his wrongdoing as a child. He tells Suchi’s dad that he wants to marry Suchi. But instead the Policeman and the Prince hatch a plot to get rid of Aadil.

Karan takes Aadil on a late night hunt and attempts to shoot him. Aadil is injured, he falls down and hurts his head on a stone but he doesn’t die. Suchitra cannot find Aadil for a long time again. She even goes to one of his friends in the Lohar gulli looking for him. However, when she cannot find him, she agrees to marry Karan. On the wedding day, Aadil’s friend, a Muslim girl comes to Suchi’s rescue. The friend comes dressed in a burkha. Suchi is dressed in a red lahenga and around her neck she wears a pendant that is carrying sindoor on top and poison at the bottom. Aadil’s friend also lends Suchi her burkha. And she ensures Suchi and Aadil escape on his bike. The friends stays back in Suchi’s room while the two lovers elope.

Aadil and Suchi share a few moments of love and freedom on their desert ride. However, when the bike runs out of petrol, they are chased down by the police, Suchi’s father and Prince Karan. In the palace, Karan’s relatives discover that Suchi has escaped. Aadil’s lady friend who has rescued Suchi slits her wrists and dies because she knows that if she gets caught, she will have to reveal her friends’ whereabouts. In her bid to protect them, she chooses death over life, making the extreme sacrifice for love. Back in the desert, another tragedy awaits the lovers. When they are barely 25 kilometres away from the Rajasthan border, Aadil is shot; Suchi swallows poison and they both die in one another’s arms in the desert.

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