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Download The Legend of Michael Mishra 2016 Full Movie in HD 1080p

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Michael Misra (Arshad Warsi) aka Bhaiyyaji is a Bihari tailor-turned-kidnapper who falls in love with Varsa Sukla (Aditi Rao Hydari), a wannabe actress from Patna. He sheds his criminal image for her and becomes a good man but can his transformation bring the two together?

From reality show ‘Bihar Is Full Of Talent’ to a jail named ‘Bhairon Ghati Ka Kala Pani’, this film showcases the highest level of mindless buffoonery. An utterly bored Warsi sleepwalks through the film and keeps mumbling something in a dialect no Bihari has ever used.

It’s a complete mockery of the viewers’ sensibilities.

Warsi’s sidekicks, including the chief one Half Pant (Kayoze Irani), take the film’s absurdity many notches higher. It shocks you even if you stop caring. There’s no escaping.

Its banality knows no boundary and every actor contributes to it. The conversation between Boman Irani and the visiting students is shockingly lame. But, let’s not mark out just one scene as the others are equally sappy.

The lack of hype around The Legend of Michael Mishra isn’t going to help it either as it’s clumsy beyond expectations. This movie is a complete miss!

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