Lockdown 2 Point 0 (2020) Hotshot Original

Lockdown 2 Point 0 (2020) Hotshot Original

Movie Name :- Lockdown 2 Point 0 (2020) Hotshot Original

Quality :- HDRip

Genres :- Drama, Romance,

Starcast :- Tanvi Patil, Praveen Singh, Deepika Singh, Aditya Pande, Ajay Gurjar,

Length :- 22min

Release Date :- 18 August 2020

Movie Story :- Three Friends plan a holiday at a farmhouse with their girlfriends, one of them is a rich and arrogant businessman, the second one is a corrupt police officer and the third one is a middle-class average earner who wants to set his girlfriend with his businessman friend for money. The Businessman’s girlfriend is an actress and a high-profile escort no one know this secret except the police officer, the police officer’s girlfriend is very loyal and possessive in her relationship and the third ones girlfriend is greedy for money. They all have their plans for the holiday. While they are stuck amid the lockdown at the farmhouse, the businessman friend’s girlfriend dies a mysterious death and her body is found in the swimming pool. Watch “Lockdown 2.0” to find out what exactly happens? Who kills the girlfriend? Will they survive the lockdown?

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